Plant-based bakery fat ingredients

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Do you want clever bakery fat solutions to increase the quality of your bakery products?

There is a growing interest in healthy, tasty bakery products with lowered saturated fat levels. This requires quality oils and fats ingredients to provide the desired dough structure in your product.

GoldBake® Bakery fats and oils

GoldBake® offers a range of bakery fats to deliver customised performance across a wide range of bakery concepts. We have expertise in cakes, pastries, biscuits, and morning goods.

  • E-free
  • Reduced fats
  • Reduced saturated fats
Goldbake bakery fats for fine baker wares

GoldBake bakery fats key benefits

Tailored functional properties

GoldBake bakery fats are processed to deliver a smooth texture with excellent workability (laminating) and aeration (creams and fillings).

Aeration and volume

GoldBake range of cake margarines and filling fats have a smooth creamy texture and rich flavor (flavoured products only) designed to provide excellent aeration and volume. Available in both emulsified and non-emulsified variants.

Sustainable performance

All of our GoldBake bakery fats have been developed using responsibly sourced, RSPO certified, raw materials. Goldbake bakery fats deliver excellent performance and reliability together with world class sustainability credentials to provide our customers with complete peace of mind.

Healthy alternatives

Consumers are increasing looking for products to fit with a balanced diet and healthier lifestyle. Goldbake offers a range of high performing E-free, reduced fat and reduced saturated fat products specifically designed to meet this challenge.

Comparing the tasty bite of traditional biscuits, to healthy biscuits made with Goldbake® 350

In shelf life trials GoldBake 350, containing only 25% saturated fat, outperformed the reference biscuit made from standard dough fat with a typical saturated fat content of 50%.

Our GoldBake dough fats are available as liquid fats for pre-crystallization in your Kombinator or votator, or as pre-crystallized fats ready-to-use in dough. The pre-crystallized GoldBake® products have:

  • A smooth fluid consistency
  • A crystal structure to give the right aeration and volume
  • Saturated fat levels as low as 25%
Goldbake bakery fats for fine baker wares

Our portfolio of quality fine bakery fats and oils ingredients

Our range of GoldBake bakery products combines high quality, guaranteed performance and reliability with the world-class sustainability credentials you have come to expect from Sime Darby Oils. We also offer a range of natural lecithin products which can be used alongside Goldbake as a label-friendly alternative to traditional emulsifiers such as E471 (mono- and di-glycerides of fatty acids). From cakes to cookies, pastries to patisserie we have a product to meet your needs, including emulsifier.

Ingredient portfolio for industrial bakeries
Brand serie Description
GoldBake 100, 200 Traditional bakery fats
GoldBake 300, 400 Premium bakery fats with tailored nutritional or functional properties
GoldBake 500 Fat solutions for bakery fats and bakery dough ingredients
Ingredient portfolio for craft bakeries
Brand serie Description
Premium Pastry margarine with excellent plasticity and workability for shortcrust and puff pastry
Choice Cake margarine with good aeration and creaming properties
Supreme Shortening which combines quality and versatility to meet all your baking needs