Plant-based confectionery fats ingredients

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Do you want to deliver the ultimate taste experience in your confectionery with vegetable fats?

Confectionery products have always been thought of as the ultimate indulgence. The taste sensation is unlike any other product. MasterCraft® is our brand of simply indulgent confectionery fats designed for use in sandwich biscuits, filling fats for chocolate bars and pralines.

MasterCraft® fats and oils for confectionery products

Our confectionery fats portfolio consist of plant based oils and fats ingredients for the following applications:

  • Cream layers
  • Center fillings
  • Solid barriers
  • Couvertures

MasterCraft simply indulgent

You know that confectionery fats have unique melting characteristics. This melting profile gives your product the indulgent taste experience loved by consumers. You need essential physical chemistry knowledge to understand the properties of confectionery fats. Moreover, fat is also the most expensive component in confectionery products. You don't want to risks the quality of your product.

To keep you in control, we simplify the complex confectionery market by being open and transparent, and by sharing information, ideas, and expertise. So, you get the best-proven confectionery fat ingredient for your product.

Mastercraft Confectionery fats and cocao butter replacer

Mastercraft confectionery fats key benefits

Tailored functional properties

MasterCraft formulations have tailor-made melting properties making them ideal for producing high quality creams, fillings and couvertures.

Sustainably indulgent

All of our MasterCraft range is based on responsibly sourced raw materials combining unrivaled performance with complete peace of mind.

Perfect taste and mouth feel

MasterCraft fats are designed to provide a smooth texture, excellent flavour release and mouth feel and a rich appearance, which are vital in the production of high class confectionery goods.

Cost effective

MasterCraft confectionery fats can be used as a full or partial replacement for cocoa making them a cost effective alternative.

Texture analysis at 20 degrees Celsius of a confectionery cream layer containing Mastercraft 178

We work closely with our customers to ensure our products meet with their exact production demands. The example below shows testing carried out on MasterCraft 178 used in a cream filling to measure firmness, adhesion and compression of the filling in a production environment.

Incorrect firmness and adhesion can lead to delamination and shell slippage which increases factory waste and gives rise to consumer complaints.

We carefully create confectionery fats that release specific volatile flavour compounds. By improving the full flavour release, smooth texture and appearance, your product will have that rich, indulgent, melt-in-the mouth feel so enjoyed by consumers.

mastercraft confectionery fat texture analysis

Mastercraft portfolio of quality confectionery fats and oils ingredients

The MasterCraft selection are designed to meet consumer demand for luxurious products that not only look great they also taste great. All of our MasterCraft confectionery fats are trans-free allowing consumers to indulge without compromising a healthier lifestyle.

MasterCraft ingredient portfolio for making confectionery and bakery products
Brand serie Description
MasterCraft 100 Cream layer fats Specially formulated to provide optimum firmness and adhesion in both liquid deposit and stencil creams, to prevent delamination, slippage and cream squashing.
MasterCraft 200 Center filling fats Tailored melting profile designed to provide excellent flavor release and smooth mouthfeel.
MasterCraft 300 Solid barrier fats Barrier fat used to prevent migration between the cream filling and biscuit shell. When used in chocolate coated products MasterCraft 300 series can prevent bloom.
MasterCraft 400 Top coating fats Gives a wonderful glossy, crack-free appearance combined with just the right level of hardness so consumers experience a snap sensation.