Natural lecithin ingredients

Sunflower | Soybean | Rapeseed

Do you want superior emulsification in your product?

Demand is growing for specialty lecithins that assist in specific emulsification and nutrition needs. To attract both water and oil you need emulsification. This gives the product a smooth texture. Lecithin is also used as a dietary supplement because it contains essential nutrients.

Bolec and Sunlec natural lecithins

To maximise the performance in your product and improve the ease of processing, you can use Bolec and Sunlec Lecithins. You can choose from a range of sunflower lecithin, non-GMO (IP) soy lecithin and GMO soy lecithin. Besides, the lecithins are Kosher, Halal, Cert-ID and FSSC certified. Depending on your needs, you can select lecithin based on the following processes:

  • Native
  • Hydrolysed
  • Fractionated
vegetable oils coconut sunflower palm for making lecithin

Lecithin water and oil emulsification

Bolec and Sunlec lecithin oil emulsion

Fractionated and hydrolysed plant-based lecithins

Fractionated lecithins are available as PC enriched and PC depleted. Lecithin can be used as health ingredient, wetting agent, emulsifier or stabiliser in various applications. Our customised fractionated lecithin ensures a specific PL profile which is beneficial for specific nutritional and pharmaceutical properties.

Hydrolysed lecithin is an enzyme-treated lecithin. This can be tailored with e.g. higher polarity of the phospholipid molecules. Hence, it gives superior emulsification in various applications.

In addition to hydrolysis and fractionation, we produce fluidised lecithins, filtered lecithins and compounded lecithins. We offer a complete portfolio of speciality lecithin products.

Custom-specific natural lecithin applications

lecithin cooking margarine
Margarine, spreads, liquid margarines
  • Improves anti-spattering
  • Stable low fat/salt emulsions
  • Fine stabilised foam formation
  • Improves melting profile of fat crystals
  • 30% smaller water droplets
  • Easier to combine with other mono-glycerides
lecithin release agent
Release agent
  • Improves sprayability
  • Stable colour and less browning at high temperatures
  • Dissolves more clear in vegetable oils and solvents
  • Easier product release from mould/pan/tray
  • Food grade and fog reducing
  • Safeguards against sediments when mixed in oil
lecithin animal nutrition
Animal nutrition
  • Healthier and faster growth of young animals
  • Up to 9,5 times more LPC than fluidised lecithin
  • Improves fat absorption and digestibility
  • Superior wettability of milk replacers
  • Effective surfactant for dispersing solid particles
  • Promotion of health
lecithin nutrition dietetics
Nutrition and dietetic
  • 2-3 times more PC than fluidised lecithin
  • Improves Heart & Health
  • Proper nutrient transportation
  • Reduces blood cholesterol levels
  • Improves learning and memory functions
  • Improves structural integrity of cell membranes