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Good spreadable consistency and mouthfeel

To deliver good spreadable consistency and mouthfeel you need a fat blend with the right melting profile. Spreadability is one of the most important characteristics of margarine. You don't want a tub of margarine that is too hard. Besides, high-quality margarine melts quickly in the mouth. This gives the margarine that unique cooling sensation. So, you need the right melting profile of the fat in your product.

Delico® Oils and Fats for margarine and spreads

Delico is the product range of hardstocks for making spreads and margarine. Delico gives outstanding performance helping you to produce great products every time. Our portfolio consists of plant-based oils and fats ingredients for the following applications:

  • Margarine and spreads
  • Baking margarine
  • Cooking fats
  • Mélanges

Customised margarine hardstock

You can choose from different oils and fats ingredients, such as palm oil or sunflower oil. Next, you can decide which processing method you prefer. We have all kinds of processing techniques available for you. So, you can tailor your hardstock to the desired melting profile.

Delico hardstocks for margarines and spreads

Delico hardstocks key benefits

Tailored functional properties

You can customise the Delico hardstocks to meet your demands on health, spreadability, texture, and labeling.

Environmentally friendly

You can choose for environmental-friendly produced hardstocks. We produce these greener hardstocks under mild conditions. So, you'll reduce the ecological footprint.

Sustainable raw materials

We can help you how to switch over to sustainable plant-based oil ingredients in your margarine or spread.

Stabilisation properties

To prevent oiling out in a liquid or cooking margarine, we can supply ultra hard palm fraction or fully hardened fats. These hardstocks still have excellent stabilisation properties in your product.

Comparison of solid fat curves (SFC) for hardstocks with some plant-based oils

Delico® hardstocks for margarines and spreads

A key functionality of Delico hardstocks is to provide the required solid fat content (SFC) at certain temperatures. Having the correct SFC profile is critical to producing a margarine of the desired spreadability and eating characteristics.

Our range of Delico hardstocks are designed to deliver optimum crystallisation performance across a range of temperatures and production methods.

vemor solid fat curve for dairy alternatives in toppings


No matter which plant-based oil you want in your product, we have the expertise to create a great hardstock. We can also offer a range of natural functional ingredients to enrich your product, such as lecithins and colorants.

Main applications for Delico hardstocks

Category Application Brand series
Margarine and Spreads Full fat margarines, reduced and low fat spreads and mélanges Delico 200, 300, 400
Liquid margarines Shallow frying Delico 100
Other spreads Peanut butter, Chocolate spreads Prifex, Delico 100

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